Our favourite Baby and Toddler Shoes

When Lottie first started to walk, we struggled to find the right shoes for her feet. We tried out several different pairs, and it seemed like no matter what we did, she ended up with blisters. It felt terrible as parents to know her feet were in pain, but not know what to do about it!

Thankfully, we just stumbled upon Jack and Lily. Jack and Lily is a Canadian run company that sells shoes for toddlers and infants. They have a super flexible sole, and are made from 100% safe, breathable, genuine and vegan leather. Our personal favourite is just how easy these shoes are to get on and off little feet with the easy fit hook & loop closures.

Lottie has had several pairs of Jack and Lily shoes and boots throughout the years, but most recently we were gifted the Malva’s to add to her collection. These baby and toddler girls T-Straps feature soft, white leather and a pink floral print. Perfect for a sunny day! They’re hand-crafted from genuine and vegan leather, equipped with the signature super-flex sole, 3mm ankle and sole cushioning, and the hook and loop closure we love so much. Make sure to double check their sizing chart – we ordered Lottie a 30-36m pair and find that she normally wears somewhere around a size 8 shoe.

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